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Act-Rx Technology Corporation

n 1990, ARX was brought forth by a simple idea - Creating Value for Customers. Over the years we continued to adhere to this customer oriented approach and built our expertise in the field of thermal management.

Today, ARX has grown into an international organization of cooling solution research and development, design, manufacture, and marketing conglomerates.

We are also the proud inventor and sole maker of the most reliable fan - CeraDyna .

Main Products & Services

DC Fan, Notebook Fan (UL,TUV,CE)、Notebook FAN、Heatpipe And Its Application、Thermal Module、CPU Cooler, VGA Cooler (UL,TUV,CE)、Sharp Cooler For Note Book PC (UL,TUV,CE)


  • Chairman: Richard Lee
  • Captial: NT$30000000
  • Number of Employees: 1000